Our most senior team member: The Token Frog

Let me introduce our most senior team member: The nameless token frog. Actually, he’s retired but he still hangs around in our office.

Back in the early days when we used Visual Source Safe and not yet had a build server ready, his job was to serve as commit token in order to prevent simultaneous checkins. Since we integrated only locally, it was a pain to make sure that the code in the VCS was in a compilable and tested state at any given time. Therefore the token was used to signal that a team member is about to check in code into the central code repository and therefore all others were prevented to do so at the same time.

Since we use Git, have multiple build servers at our disposal and do continuous deployment with Octopus Deploy, the services of our beloved team member are not used anymore.

Honestly I must confess that I haven’t experienced this painful time by myself. However the token frog and this nice little story reminds me from time to time that we have to be glad about our actual infrastructure and how things work automagically.

Happy coding time!